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Lancome Product Category

Product category

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Xiangshui Lancome Textile Co., Ltd.
Address: East District, Economic Development Zone, Xiangshui County, Jiangsu Province
Phone: 0515-86613781
Contact: Manager Zhang
Mobile: 13912591212
Email: sw11@sina.com

Long-staple cotton

Cangshui Lancome Textile Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of color spinning yarns. The company has more than 1000 color spinning yarns. The products are: cotton, cotton/polyester, cotton/modal, cotton/sticky, Cotton / hemp, cotton / Tencel, cotton / silk, cotton / bamboo, cotton / wool, cotton / nitrile, polyester / sticky / cotton, cotton / nylon / wool and other series of blended color spinning, and independently developed: AB, bamboo, Duan Cai, color point, residual snow, cloud spot, silk rain, imitation linen, recycling environmental protection and other appearance process series of color spinning yarn, can also accept cooperative textile development. View details

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Xiangshui Lancome Textile Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of color spinning yarns. The company has more than 1,000 color spinning yarns

Complete product range

Products: cotton, cotton/polyester, cotton/modal, cotton/sticky, cotton/hemp, cotton/tencel, cotton/silk, cotton/bamboo, cotton/wool, cotton/nitrile, polyester/stick / Cotton, cotton / nylon / wool and other series of blended color spinning

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The company always regards "satisfying customers and surpassing oneself" as the quality policy, and "serving customers, thinking of customers and satisfying customers" as the service concept.

The after-sales system is perfect

After-sales service, we adhere to the requirements of satisfied customers and continuous improvement, implement product tracking system, and formulate improvement measures and service commitments to provide customers with more space and service guarantee for in-depth cooperation.

About Lancome Textile

Xiangshui Lancome Textile Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of color spinning yarns. The company has more than 1,000 color spinning yarns. The products are: cotton, cotton/polyester, cotton/modal. , cotton / sticky, cotton / hemp, cotton / Tencel, cotton / silk, cotton / bamboo, cotton / wool, cotton / nitrile, polyester / sticky / cotton, cotton / nylon / wool and other series of blended color spinning, Also independently developed: AB, bamboo, Duan Cai, color point, residual snow, cloud spot, silk rain, imitation linen, recycling environmental protection and other appearance process series of color spinning yarn, can also accept cooperative textile development.
The company has always been: "Satisfied customers, beyond self", for the quality policy, to "based on customers, think of customers, let customers satisfied" as a service concept. Pre-sales planning and analysis, so that our products can meet the needs of customers to the maximum extent, to maximize the economic benefits for customers; to provide customers with the best optimization and cost-effective products, do everything possible The customer provides the best product service; after the sale, the customer is satisfied with the requirements of continuous improvement, and the product tracking system \u0026hellip;\u0026hellip;
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Products: cotton, cotton/polyester, cotton/modal, cotton/sticky, cotton/hemp, cotton/tencel, cotton/silk, cotton/bamboo, cotton/wool, cotton/nitrile, polyester/stick / Cotton, cotton / nylon / wool and other series of blended color spinning
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The textile and apparel industry is slowly stabilizing. The 13th Five-Year Plan faces multiple opportunities

Facing the new changes in the external situation, the current textile and garment industry has also entered a new normal. The growth of the total economic volume of the industry has begun to gradually change from high speed to medium speed, and the growth rate has slowed down to single digit growth. According to industry insiders, during the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” period, the textile industry is faced with many opportunities and challenges. Adjustment and deepening and upgrading of industry competitiveness will become the focus, and the overall development will remain at the medium-speed development level. "13th Five-Year" positioning will be adjusted China is the world"s largest producer, consumer and exporter of textiles and garments. The total fiber processing accounts for more than 50% of the world"s total, and textile and apparel exports account for View more

Production and specific requirements for spinning rubber rolls

Improving the roughness (smoothness) of the surface of the rubber roller is the key to improving the quality of the rubber roller, improving the quality of the yarn and stabilizing the production, and enhancing the suitable spinning performance of the rubber roller. The specific requirements for fine grinding rubber rollers are as follows: (1) When the rubber roller is ground, 80 grains / 25.4mm air hole grinding wheel is generally used, and 120 pieces / 25.4mm air hole grinding wheel can also be used. (2) Control of the grinding amount during the fine grinding of the rubber roller: the grinding amount of the first rubber roller grinding should be controlled within the range of 0.10mm~0.15mm; the grinding amount of the second rubber roller finishing should be controlled Within the range of 0.05mm to 0.08mm. (3) The reciprocating number of the fine grinding of the rubber roller is 3 to 6 reciprocating, and the operation is slow, ensuring that the surface roughness Ra of the rubber roller reaches the range of 0.4 μm to 0.8 μm. The anti-winding performance and the dry CV value of the yarn forming yarn are better; if Ra is higher than 0.8 μm, the winding is easy to wind, and the CV value of the strip is increased; if the Ra value is below 0.4 μm, due to the glue The surface of the roller is too smooth, which is not conducive to the grip control of the fiber, and the uniformity of the yarn can be deteriorated. The diameter of the rubber roller after refining, the allowable tolerance should be controlled at:     1 the same diameter difference: the roving rubber roller is less than or equal to 0.03mm, the spinning rubber roller is less than or equal to 0.02mm; : Rolls, combing and drawing are ±0.05mm; rovings are ±0.04mm; spun yarns are ±0.03mm. To ensure the same diameter of the same batch of fine rubber roller. Before the fine grinding, the static balance of the grinding wheel on the machine should be kept well. First, use the diamond knife to grind the surface of the grinding wheel. Then, polish the two corners of the grinding wheel with fine stone, check whether the roundness of the thimble itself is correct. Correct, and finally, recalibrate the thimble of the grinder so that the ends of the rubber roll are within the allowable tolerances. After driving for fine grinding, check the diameter and size difference of the rubber roller with the dial gauge to meet the technical standards.

2017 "One Belt, One Road" Textile and Apparel Industry Development Forum was successfully held

On August 25th, 2017 “Belt and Road” textile and garment industry development forum kicked off in Urumqi, Xinjiang. The event was held in a combination of the main forum and sub-forum to discuss how the “One Belt, One Road” initiative and the Chinese textile and garment industry. The combination of development and strive to promote the development of Xinjiang textile and garment industry. The main forum is based on the theme of “Innovative Green Development, Collaboration and Win-Win Future”, and analyzes the development prospects of the industry under the “Belt and Road” from various angles. Relevant leaders of relevant national ministries, autonomous regions and industry associations and relevant domestic and foreign industry experts of “One Belt and One Road” have published. Speech. Liang Yong, Deputy Secretary-General of the People"s Government of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and Director of the Office of the Leading Group for the Development of Textile and Apparel Industry in the Autonomous Region, delivered a speech on the development of Xinjiang"s policies and textile and garment industry. As of the end of June 2017, the number of enterprises registered in the autonomous region reached 2,525, an increase of 1965 from the end of 2013. Nearly 600 domestic companies such as Esquel, Huafu, Ruyi, Youngor, Jinsheng and Jifa have invested in Xinjiang. Xinjiang has become a “hot spot” for China"s textile and apparel industry investment, and has also attracted the attention of the global textile industry. Gao Yong, secretary of the Party Committee and Secretary General of the China National Textile and Apparel Council, addressed the conference and analyzed the current operation of the industry. He expressed his affirmation and expectation for the development of the textile industry in Xinjiang. As an important node of the “Belt and Road”, Xinjiang continued its booming trend in recent years in the first half of 2017. From January to June, the amount of investment achieved increased by 49.3% year-on-year. At the same time, Gao Yong also pointed out that in 2017, there are still six years of employment targets for millions of people raised in Xinjiang. The task is arduous. I believe that under the opportunity of the times given by the “Belt and Road”, Xinjiang textile and garment industry will not be insulted and will continue to innovate. s future. In the keynote speech session, Cao Xuejun, deputy director of the Consumer Products Industry Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, introduced the current situation of the textile industry and said that the “One Belt, One Road” construction provides a safe and stable environment for the international development of enterprises; it creates conditions for breaking the trade protection and opening up diversified markets; It is conducive to building a multinational supply chain and improving the competitiveness of enterprises. Xinjiang has abundant cotton resources and occupies an important strategic position in the “Belt and Road”. It is also an important port for the construction of China-European trains. At the same time, the state strongly supports the development of Xinjiang textile and garment industry, which is the advantage of developing textile industry in Xinjiang. In recent years, the cotton textile industry in Xinjiang has developed well. In the first half of the year, the yarn output was 790,000 tons, an increase of 45%. The production capacity was effectively released. In the future, it should be extended to the downstream industrial chain such as knitting and home textiles, and the textile industry should be developed with high standards and high starting point. The industry is moving towards environmental protection, automation, and sustainable development, and is further driven by the market. Huang Yongfu, an academic member and researcher of the International Cooperation Center of the National Development and Reform Commission, gave a detailed introduction to the status quo of China"s textile enterprises" “going out” under the background of “One Belt, One Road”, and analyzed the existing problems, and put forward relevant suggestions for enterprises to “go global”. . At present, enterprises “going out” have low industrial level, low added value of products, mostly individual investment, low output of industrial chain, low degree of localization, and long-term strategic planning to be improved. The formation of these deficiencies is related to the external difficulties and environmental constraints faced by enterprises, and there are also restrictions imposed by the company"s own conditions. It is hoped that enterprises can absorb more talents, increase investment in science and technology, enhance their core competitiveness, control key links in the world industrial chain and value chain, and build a global strategy for multinational corporations. The CEO of Ruyi Holding Group, Wang Qiang, CEO of Ruyi Technology Group, and Ke Kezhen, Vice Chairman and CEO of Esquel Group, as business representatives, shared their successful experiences with the participants. In the past three years, Ruyi Group has accumulated energy around “technology, high-end, branding”, and implemented transformation and upgrading around “One Belt and One Road” to create intelligent weaving of the entire industry chain. Esquel Group has been in Xinjiang for 21 years and has extensive experience. The Changji Esquel Automated Production Line is also one of the visiting companies of the conference. The sub-forum held the National Cotton Spinning and Knitting Industry Cluster Innovation Conference with the theme of “Green Engine·Intelligent Layout” to jointly discuss cluster development, and commended the industrial cluster innovation demonstration areas and outstanding contributors, and held a ceremony for the new cluster of cotton textile industry. . The high-end dialogue session was hosted by Zhu Beina, president of China Cotton Textile Industry Association, Su Jianjun, chairman of Texas Hengfeng Group, Hu Guangmin, chairman of Shandong Huaxing Group, Yu Fei, general manager of Xinjiang Zhifa Huahe Garment Co., Ltd., and vice chairman of Xinjiang Yuhua Textile Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager Luo Rongqing and Chairman of Kashgar Zhongxing Glove Co., Ltd. Chen Jianhua started a high-end dialogue on the development of Xinjiang textile and garment industry and the status quo of enterprise development. Gao Yong, secretary of the Party Committee and Secretary General of the China National Textile and Apparel Council, made a concluding speech for the conference. (China Cotton Association)

Textile new materials and advanced processing technology

The development of multi-fiber resources, high-performance, high-functional development of chemical fiber, natural fiber, and new biochemical fiber, as well as fiber recycling and utilization technology, is an important foundation for the modernization of China"s textile industry. The key technologies currently in need of development in this area include: 1. Industrialization of carbon fiber (CF), aramid fiber (AF), polysulfonate ( SA), and new generation of ultra-high strength and high modulus polyethylene fiber (UHMWPE) for industrial development of carbon fiber, aramid fiber, etc. And application. For the polysulfonamide which has a certain development foundation in China, it should increase its investment in industrial development and form an industrialized production line with an annual output of more than 1,000 tons. Pre-study should be carried out on fibers such as polybenzobisoxazole (PBO), which are particularly excellent in performance and widely used. At the same time, it is necessary to deepen research on the application technology of the new generation of ultra-high strength and high-membrane polyethylene, which has already been established in China, and realize industrial upgrading. Second, the new polyester diversified technology varieties of polytrimethylene terephthalate, polyglycolic acid glycol, copolyester and other industrial research and development Polytrimethylene terephthalate (PTT) is a multi-new product of polyester family. It has good dyeing, good elasticity, firmness, dryness, easy processing and strong stain resistance. It also has the properties of polyester, nylon and some spandex fibers. Features, not only for fabrics, carpets, non-woven fabrics, etc., but also for new resin materials such as films and plastics, with broad development prospects; polyethylene glycol diester (PEN) has good transparency and barrier properties, which is good for aggregation. Ester in the high-performance non-fiber field such as beer bottles; co-polyester (C0-PET) is mainly used in the production of sea-island fiber, which is the key product in the modified PET. 3. Research and development and industrialization technology of degradable polylactic acid fiber (PLA) and new solvent cellulose fiber (Lyocell) Degradable polylactic acid fiber is a kind of fully biodegradable polymer. It is a new fiber material based on natural biological resources such as corn starch. It has the advantages of luster, comfort, durability, smoothness and quick drying. In particular, its superior biodegradability and applicability have attracted worldwide attention, so it is urgent to organize forces in China to conduct research on it. Lyocell is a new generation of cellulose fiber produced by a new solvent and non-toxic process. It has the performance of both man-made fiber and synthetic fiber. There have been many achievements in product application development in China, but it is still in urgent need of development. 4. Soy protein series fiber and application technology Soybean protein fiber is a plant protein modified fiber that has been independently researched and developed in China and successfully obtained industrial test for the first time in the world. The fiber has moderate strength, small specific gravity, soft hand feeling, soft gloss, excellent moisture absorption and moisture permeability, good skin-friendly property, obvious antibacterial function, and meets the requirements of comfort and health. At present, the domestic industrial production line with a single-line capacity of 1,500 tons/year has been built. It is necessary to further develop the functional and sanitary functions of soybean protein fiber, research key technologies of spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing, and develop various kinds of pure spinning, blending and interweaving. Fabrics have brought the industrialization of soy protein fiber products to a new stage. V. Annual production of more than 600,000 tons of new PTA complete sets of domestic technology At present, China"s polyester raw material PTA gap is large, the self-sufficiency rate is low, and the dependence on the international market is too large, which seriously restricts the dust production and development of polyester fiber. More than half of PTA needs to be imported, and at present, all domestic PTA production adopts imported technology. Therefore, it is of great significance to develop a new type of localized PTA technology with an annual output of more than 600,000 tons. It is also of great significance to promote the development of China"s PTA industry and improve the comprehensive competitiveness of the polyester polyester industry chain. Sixth, a new generation of straight-spun polyester super-slim yarn and high-efficiency new winding technology The successful development of the key technical equipment of domestic polyester filament yarn has greatly promoted the rapid development of China"s chemical fiber industry. However, in order to rapidly develop the technology of new technology, new equipment and new varieties around polyester filament yarn, China must seize the opportunity to develop the latest technology. To speed up industrial upgrading. The current focus is to develop direct spinning filaments to produce dpfO. A new generation of technologies such as 3- to 0.5 microfiber technology and high-speed and high-efficiency winding devices. Seven, high-grade composite non-woven fabric technology China"s nonwovens industry is developing very rapidly, but a single process product can no longer meet the requirements of use. Therefore, there is an urgent need to develop nonwoven fabric composite technologies, such as spunbond-meltblown-spunbond (SMS), carded-spinning-spinning-carding (CSC), carded-melt-blown-carded ( CMC), carded into a net and pulp airlaid with water-spun composite, spunbond and wood pulp fiber composite. These have only just started in China, so we must accelerate the study of industrialization of this technology. Composite nonwovens are expected to account for 10% of nonwovens production in 2010, reaching 200,000 tons. Eight, new medical textile material technology The market for new medical protective products, health care textiles and human functional textiles has broad prospects, but the comprehensive technical performance of domestic medical textiles cannot fully meet the demand, mainly relying on imports. To this end, it is necessary to develop protective materials with high barrier properties, high moisture permeability, good filtration effect and low cost, as well as artificial human organs such as artificial kidneys and artificial lungs. At present, the amount of medical and health textiles is 280,000 tons, and it is expected to reach 400,000 tons in 2010. Nine, membrane structural materials and new cover material technology Although the demand for membrane structural materials and new canopy materials is increasing in China, domestic permanent and semi-permanent membrane structural materials are basically dependent on imports. Therefore, research on membrane structural substrates, coating and finishing equipment, and architectural application technology is urgently needed. At present, the membrane structural material has reached 620,000 m 2 , and it is estimated that it can be widely applied in 2010. X. Agricultural non-woven fabrics and chemical fiber net technology Agricultural non-woven fabrics and chemical fiber nets mainly include cold-proof and anti-freezing materials, sun-proof and drought-proof materials, anti-bird and insect-proof materials, grass-proof films, heat-insulating and moisturizing materials, fruit tree protection materials, seedling seeding substrates, etc., which can realize the early maturity and high yield of agricultural and sideline products. Stable production, pollution-free, pollution-free planting. According to the needs of agricultural practice, industrial production technology should be studied to reduce costs and expand use. It is estimated that agricultural non-woven fabrics will reach 300,000 tons in 2010. XI. Research and development of smart textiles Smart textiles are new materials that are environmentally sensible, responsive, and functionally discoverable. They have the unique functions of comfort, health, and protection. They can inspect, store, and control human body information, and pass the tested physical data or functions to control. center. The research contents include: the electronic components of the sensor can not interfere with the human body or create troubles and flexible technologies such as textile switches, conductive yarns, and flexible electronic circuit boards.

Several issues to be aware of in textile coatings

First, pay attention to the filling must be written on each head, so that you can separate the stack according to the cylinder number when you apply the inspection, and also make the garment factory separate according to the cylinder number during the opening. This avoids the fact that the cloth of different cylinder numbers is made on the same piece of clothing and causes chromatic aberration. Second, when sewing the seam, it is necessary to pay attention to the two heads to be torn and then to be sewn. If the tear is not smooth, it will cause the weft. Third, pay attention to several problems when coating the machine: 1. Adjustment of the tension: When coating, adjust the different tension according to different cloths. If the tension is uneven, the coating will be uneven. Some places are thick and thin, and the hand feel will be uneven. Some places are hard and soft. 2, the adjustment of the knife: the coating should be adjusted according to different coating requirements of different coatings, one is the thickness of the knife, according to different requirements of the coating should choose different thickness of the knife, the wrong choice of the knife can not be guaranteed The quality of the coating does not reach the optimum coating effect. The other is to adjust the gap of the knife edge. The gap between the two sides of the coating head should be the same. Otherwise, the coating will be uneven, and even some products will cause the left and right chromatic aberration of the fabric, such as white or color. 3, the cleaning of the cloth: the actual is the cleaning of the cloth surface, because if the coating surface is wired or fine sand, then these small things will get stuck in the knife edge, it will cause coating The level has a sliver, resulting in defective products. Therefore, in front of the knife, it is generally necessary to clean the cloth. The general solution is to put a brush on the front of the knife, adjust the thread on the cloth surface and the small sand brush, and sprinkle some water on the ground to keep the air humidity, so that the dust on the ground will not fly, and reduce Small electrostatic adsorption. If the sliver gets stuck in the knife edge, the operator will scrape it off as quickly as possible. 4, the temperature control of the drying room: different requirements of the coating, the curing temperature is also different. So control the temperature of the coating. If the temperature is too high, it will cause a hard hand and easy foaming. If the temperature is too low, it will cause stickiness, poor fastness, and easy to fall off. Strictly speaking, the temperature of the drying room should be from low to high, generally from low to high in three-stage drying room. The temperature of the first section should not be too high to control the boiling point of the solvent in the glue to be slightly higher, so that the solvent in the glue is completely volatilized. If it is too high, the solvent will not solidify and the gel will start to solidify. The solvent remaining in the second-stage drying room will damage the surface of the film, causing foaming, which will also cause the quality of the coating to decrease. For example, if a coating is to be hydraulically applied, the coating film that damages the surface will destroy the water pressure. The temperature of the third stage drying room should be controlled at the curing temperature of the coating glue. If the temperature is low, the coating glue will not be fully cured, it will be sticky, and the hardness will be seriously affected. When the temperature is high, it will cause the hand to become hard and brittle. Destroyed the physical properties of the coating gel. 5. Control of coating speed: As with the above temperature, the temperature and speed of the coating are strictly controlled, which will directly affect the quality of the coating. Because the curing of the coating gel depends on two conditions, temperature and time. Although the temperature is well controlled, if the time is not controlled, it will still affect the quality of the coating. Because the two conditions are indispensable. Therefore, we must control the speed while controlling the temperature. If the speed is too fast and the curing time is not enough, it will not be fully cured, and it will also cause stickiness and shedding. The speed is too slow, and the time in the drying room is too long, which will cause the hand to become hard and brittle. Moreover, production efficiency is low and energy is wasted. Fourth, inspection and packaging should be strictly in accordance with customer requirements to test, and mark. And stacked separately by cylinder number. There must be obvious signs, not confusing.
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